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Carefree at home

The greatest wish of many elderly people is to live independently at home for as long as possible. VieDome can help you to fulfil that wish. For example by providing efficient visual communication or by offering convenience, comfort and care services.

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viedome professional


When clients or residents need daily care, VieDome can be of significant value. VieDome helps you to create numerous possibilities to simplify care tasks and to give your full attention to your client. Tailor-made care, pluriformity and optimal adjustment to the changing need and request for care.

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VieDome has proven itself as a platform with which care and welfare organisations, housing corporations, municipalities and other care providers can offer their services to clients and residents in an accessible way. VieDome facilitates the supply of convenience, comfort and care services, from its own organisation as well as from joint initiatives. The VieDome platform uses open standards with which connections are easily realised. This creates an open, yet secure, platform for providers of care, services and technology. Optimal freedom of choice for residents, more efficient care and added attention for clients has always been crucial for VieDome.

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