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Care policy and care vision are always changing, for the carer as well as for the person receiving care. The person receiving care is becoming more and more the focus; tailor-made care and the flexible supply of care are increasingly important. This requires other skills from the care providers. There is more and more demand for pluriformity, accompanied by creative and flexible care management. The attention for the client and flexibly adapting to new and changing care needs are key. VieDome can help you achieve this.

Tailor-made care

VieDome is the all-in-one care domotica system, combining advanced care options with broadband technology. Using this digital platform, you in essence create a virtual care institution, which enables elderly people, people with an impairment and persons requiring long-term care to remain at home in their own environment longer. VieDome ensures that the timing of care is mainly organised by the persons requesting care and the nurses. As a result, work can be done much more efficiently.

Possibilities for care institutions

VieDome is also extremely suitable for care institutions for elderly people and people with an intellectual impairment. For these institutions, there are options such as acoustic monitoring, visual observation, nurse call and wireless alarm is very handy. Monitoring options, such as personal alarms, wander detection, fire alarms and intruder alarms can also be realised with the use of VieDome. These functions help relieve the care tasks and results in more time and attention being spent on the client.

Easy and user friendly

VieDome ensures care is always at hand, whether the clients are located in an institution or at home in houses across a wide area. Moreover, VieDome helps to organise care efficiently, enabling effective care with a limited number of carers to more persons requesting care. The combination of technology and care services at VieDome aims to provide clients with a life that is as normal as possible, while having care always close at hand.

Wander detection has made De Hagert an open community

A stone's throw from Wijchen, on the edge of the historic village of Leur, WoonZorgboerderij De Hagert is located. This is where demented elderly people or people with a intellectual impairment from the municipality of Wijchen and Land van Maas en Waal can to to receive 24-hour care and daytime activities and day-care.

WoonZorgboerderij De Hagert offers what others can only dream about: residents who can go independently and on their own initiative to the yard outside. Safely and responsibly thanks to the wander detection device of VieDome.

Hans Vos of ZZG care group sees De Hagert grow into an open community thanks to wander detection. "This is the way we always wanted it. Residents wearing a chip can independently go out into the yard. Here, everyone can walk around freely, our volunteers who work in the vegetable garden or take care of the animals with the residents as well. It is also meant to correct the wrong image often portrayed in the media, that demented persons are often bound and just waiting for their end."

VieDome has proven itself as a platform with which care and welfare organisations, housing corporations, municipalities and other care providers can offer their services to clients and residents in an accessible way. VieDome facilitates the supply of convenience, comfort and care services, from its own organisation as well as from joint initiatives. The VieDome platform uses open standards with which connections are easily realised. This creates an open, yet secure, platform for providers of care, services and technology. Optimal freedom of choice for residents, more efficient care and added attention for clients has always been crucial for VieDome.

VieDome was developed by Mextal, which provides the hard and software and plays and important role in the development of new services and concepts.

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