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Almost all elderly people wish to live at home independently for as long as possible. They often have been living in the same house for years, know the environment and buy their bread from the bakery at the end of the street. The social contact elderly people have in their direct environment are very important as well. There are, therefore, many reasons to support the elderly in their wish to stay in their own environment for as long as possible. VieDome can help you to fulfil that wish.

Communication through visual calling

Being able to communicate with the environment in an easy way is crucial for living at home independently for as long as possible. Visual calling is an ideal aid for this. Talking and seeing each other at the same time lowers the threshold and offers many advantages. Visual calling can be done with children, family or friends but also with other affiliated parties such as the supermarket, bank, general practitioner, pharmacy, library and care centre.

Increase safety

The VieDome digital platform can really provide the support needed to ensure that elderly people can live at home comfortably, safely and responsibly for a longer time. That is why VieDome offers extensive possibilities, besides visual calling, to increase the safety of elderly people. Think, for example, of an intruder alarm, camera supervision, video intercom or opening the front door with the use of a remote control.

The demand for care is key

The possibilities VieDome offers are numerous and varied. You, as organisation, determine how you organise the platform, which parties are involved and which services are offered. The starting point is that the technique follows the demand for care. The technique is not decisive, but the care demanded by the resident is. This can vary from the ordering of a meal or having groceries delivered at home up to the measurement of vitals such as weight, heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar and the sending of this data to care providers.

Innovative VieDome services thanks to ZuidZorg

In the vicinity of Eindhoven, the work area of ZuidZorg, VieDome has been deployed on a large scale. Approximately 500 ZuidZorg clients have now been connected to VieDome and that makes it the largest project for long-distance care in the Netherlands. The care centre in Veldhoven provides daily services using the VieDome technology.

ZuidZorg is one of the founders of long-distance care with the use of VieDome. ZuidZorg has been involved in the project from the beginning and has provided important input in the development of the content of the VieDome concept by developing innovative service for long-distance care.

Examples of services that have proven to be very successful are the good morning service, welfare button and the digital diabetes card. In addition, various other services are offered in the areas of communication, service and comfort, information and advice and safety. At this moment, ZuidZorg has the largest number of connected clients and is involved in many innovative projects in the area of long-distance care in home care.

VieDome has proven itself as a platform with which care and welfare organisations, housing corporations, municipalities and other care providers can offer their services to clients and residents in an accessible way. VieDome facilitates the supply of convenience, comfort and care services, from its own organisation as well as from joint initiatives. The VieDome platform uses open standards with which connections are easily realised. This creates an open, yet secure, platform for providers of care, services and technology. Optimal freedom of choice for residents, more efficient care and added attention for clients has always been crucial for VieDome.

VieDome was developed by Mextal, which provides the hard and software and plays and important role in the development of new services and concepts.

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