Anyone who is home alone once in a whole is familiar with the unpleasant feeling of being unsafe or the need for a helping hand. In such cases it is nice to know that someone is there for you. With a press of a button, the VieConnector - a full-IP solution from TKH Group - offers a fast and very simple way of making contact. The VieConnector combines a personal alarm, wireless security at home and - if required - a care alarm in a modern and compact product.

User friendly, attractive design

The attractive casing design and multi-functionality of the VieConnector tie in seamlessly with the current needs of the market: for innovation, user-friendly solutions and products that provide more security, on the one hand; and a compact and attractive design on the other.

The VieConnector

  • Wireless security, safety at home and a care alarm combined in a single modern and compact product
  • Easy to programme (also remotely)
  • Flexible platform, communication via the internet thanks to full-IP
  • Back-up options via (ex-factory) PSTN and GSM/GPRS
  • Software-based switchability from 868.95 MHz to 869.2125 MHz Class 1
  • Very wide range of wireless accessories »

New: Full-IP communication

The VieConnector is based on full-IP communication via the internet, with (ex-factory) options for PSTN and GSM/GPRS (back-up). The solution is easy to connect to other systems. Good to know: the VieConnector was developed in and produced in the Netherlands by TKH Group. TKH specialises in developing and producing burglar detection systems, visual communication equipment, observation and detection systems, home automation and other electronic care equipment. TKH thus has an exceptional ability to implement developments quickly, flexibly and with customer focus.

TKH Group: the solution provider

TKH Group (TKH) is a group of companies that operates internationally and specialises in developing and supplying innovative systems and networks for information provision, telecommunications, electronic technology and industrial production. The solution is central to TKH's activities and TKH focuses on growth sectors such as care, security, efficiency and communications. An important success formula in the TKH's strategy is innovation: at least 15 percent of the turnover must come from the products that have been developed in the past two years.

Wide range of wireless 868 MHz of 869 MHz accessories

The VieConnector can be supplied in combination with a wide range of useful wired and wireless care, safety and security accessories. View a list of all the accessories available for the VieConnector »

The VieConnector is supplied by Mextal.

You can of course just order the VieConnector from Mextal. On request we will send you price information or an appropriate offer. This can be only for supply but also Mextal can install the devices for you. The services of Mextal goes further than just supply and install. With innovative projects/pilots, we are closely involved from the inventory, the selection of products, making a business case to install, deliver and evaluate the project. Please contact us for more information ยป


Mextal delivers 24/7 service on the VieConnector throughout the Netherlands. The technical knowledge and experience of Mextal ensures that incidents are resolved quickly. Especially dealing with the users is very important in our industry. The staff of Mextal are trained in its use.

VieConnector Product LeafletVieConnector Product Leaflet [PDF]

Full-IP solution for wireless security, security at home and care alarm.

Technical specifications [PDF]

All technical specifications in a row.

More information about the VieConnector:

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