VieDome by TKH Care Solutions


The world is changing rapidly. When we look at the Netherlands, we see how its population is aging at an increasing rate and life expectancy continues to rise. At the same time there are more and more chronically ill, whilst the supply of traditional care is ever-decreasing. These social developments have far-reaching consequences, also for housing and care. With VieDome by TKH Care Solutions you can provide an efficient answer to these consequences.

New solutions

There is an increasing need for new solutions in the areas of care, safety and comfort. Solutions that ensure that care is more efficient, more attention can be paid to the client and that people can live independently and responsibly at home, under their own supervision. Solutions which also ensure a better quality of life. It is tempting to think that more money and more staff are the only solution to the current developments.

A proven and much used solution

At many locations in the Netherlands, TKH Care Solutions proves that the careful application of new technology can provide a real contribution to the challenges of our time. VieDome is broadly applicable in houses as well as in institutions and is different from other domotics systems in many ways. VieDome has a modular set-up and can therefore be implemented completely as desired.

Familiar, trustworthy and safe

VieDome is a reliable and well-secured digital platform which is easy to use, also for people who are not so familiar with internet. Because the platform is secure, users will never be approached by people or organisations which have not been screened by the facilitating organisation beforehand. The privacy of users is also guaranteed when using VieDome.

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