The cure & care market is characterised by a high degree of specialization. Through years of experience, Keyprocessor is a constructive dialogue partner for the entrepreneurial care managers of today. Keyprocessor can relieve its customers by way of its in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market and business processes. This has led to an effective total solution for hospitals and nursing homes.

Hospitals must stand out in hospitality and customer service, and reduce costs at the same time. Keyprocessor systems deliver insight into and support of the primary processes of hospitals. In this way movement, routes and occupancy rates of valuable equipment and material is registered. Data that is crucial in controlling costs and pursuing hospitality and customer-friendliness.

The Keyprocessor security systems also controls the access for people, vehicles and goods. Monitoring, surveillance, tracking and tracing, image communication and remote monitoring; it’s all possible within one solution.

In short, with our innovative technology and specific software solutions you can save money and improve your image. Finally, it’s all about optimal security and the best care.


Care entrepreneurs in the Netherlands do a balancing act between necessary cost reductions on the one hand and a desired quality increase on the other hand! The solution can be found in more and better insight into operational processes and other forms of financing. Keyprocessor’s Cure Solution with Track & Trace provides the answer!

With Keyprocessor’s Cure Solution, care entrepreneurs immediately realize better returns. How? By linking the data of your (existing) security solution in a smart way, to internal processes and workflows. By recording and processing movements, routes and the occupancy of areas you get a clear insight into prospective cost savings; for example, in logistics and risks of infection. Because the software takes over the tasks of your employees, they can be deployed more efficiently for core tasks and new revenue models are possible.

At the same time, sophisticated Track & Trace follows the location of valuable equipment (infusion pumps, beds, wheelchairs, etc.) 24/7. This has a huge impact on efficiency, since operating assets no longer inadvertently disappear. Business resources last longer and are used more efficiently.

A unique all-in-one solution, in which access for people, vehicles and goods is fully managed. Welcoming where it can be, tightly controlled where it should be. And you are controlling this process!

The Keyprocessor cure solution is fully integrated in the iProtect Safety & Security system. iProtect is web-based and does not require any installation of user software. This is not only a cost benefit, but also implies independence of location. Always accessible from any computer.

The Keyprocessor security solution offers the following features, divided into 4 themes:

Welcoming and secure Efficiency and insight
  • Offline and online Access
  • Intelligent Parking Management
  • Intercom (antibacterial & aggression detection)
  • Managing stacked risks
  • Insight into processes and workflow
  • Stocktaking of equipment and assets
  • Analysis for Lean 6S and asset
  • Operational excellence, outstanding ROI
Return and quality Investing without money
  • Quick track and trace of assets and people
  • Image care and telemonitoring
  • Self-developed software & hardware
  • Made in Holland
  • Use instead of possession
  • Leasing (off-balance)
  • Incl. SLA and insurance
  • Fixed price and term

By taking into account the outstanding ROI and the optimum insight into operational processes and workflows, you’ll find that Keyprocessor’s Cure Security offers the perfect balance between cost reduction and quality improvement.

Take a look at the all-in-one Cure Solution in the TKH Experience Centre and contact one of our cure consultants.


Companies and organizations that need an electronic security management system, often encounter the same problems. Whether it’s about access control, intrusion detection or video surveillance, the problem is often the creation of an integrated system. The result is often disappointing and ineffective.

According to Keyprocessor, a security management system serves to bring all modules and components together in one integrated platform. In this way the security staff can manage the operation of all functions and duties in a convenient and easy way, to ensure the safety of both the people and the working environment.


Granting or denying access is, of course, the main function of an access control system. Taking into account different requirements for different building types and situations, the access control module offers an extensive portfolio of integrated card readers and technologies.

Access control is an integral part of the iProtect Security Management System. This has important advantages. With the integration of online card readers, wireless online and offline cylinder locks, electronic door fittings and their authorization within a single system, the optimum ease of use is created. The functional and accessible interface of iProtect and its online availability contribute further to this.

  • Controlled access for employees, visitors and patients
  • Multi user patient card
  • Supports all major card reader technologies


Video Management allows users to quickly assess situations and incidents from remote locations and to respond immediately. With the integration of IP cameras, codec’s and video analysis technologies using the latest streaming methods, Keyprocessor’s video management offers optimal image quality.

Video management is fully integrated in the iProtect Security Management System, which provides important advantages. Since all iProtect modules communicate with each other, automatically the right images of the surveillance cameras are shown. This enables a rapid preview of specific events, such as the offering a stolen pass, a burglary signal or a verification request.

  • Object recognition (Asset tracking)
  • License plate recognition (employees or ambulances)
  • Video image by transaction (Alarms)


The Commend intercom systems supplied by Keyprocessor are among the best in the world. In addition to a very professional design and well thought-out functionalities, they provide excellent audio quality. By using analogue technologies in combination with digital signal processing (DSP) this audio application is at the forefront of innovation.

With the integration of intercom in the iProtect security management system, all modules and components are brought together on a single common platform. The simple and intuitive operation ensures effective user-convenience for both the security staff and the employees.

  • Antibacterial intercom stations for use in care facilities
  • Agression detection by Intercom
  • Flexible call waiting
  • Confidential recording and documentation
  • Pre-programmed scenarios available


Intrusion detection systems are primarily designed to detect a burglary outside office hours. The Keyprocessor Intrusion Detection module is an integral part of the iProtect Security Management System and is therefore extremely reliable.

Within iProtect different security components are linked for additional security (such as Access Control, Camera Surveillance and Intercom). In this way, by linking with Access Control, many false alarms are prevented and video images support solving a burglary.

  • Video images by transaction (Asset protection)
  • User-friendly user interface
  • With interactive floor plan
  • Easy management


Modern parking management requires a solution that flexibly combines parking-related facilities such as access control, license plate and visitor registration and video surveillance. The Keyprocessor Parking Management module is an integral part of the iProtect Security Management System.

The module offers a wide range of alternatives when it comes to paid parking. The “park now, pay later” concept knows deals with challenges in terms of checking, registration of visitors and the payment itself. The iProtect parking module offers ample solutions to these challenges. The user experiences a smooth handling of automatic access, and the administrator can deliver relevant, transparent management information at any time.

  • License plate recognition (employees or ambulances)
  • Smart Parking
  • Reservations and tickets possible


Electronic locker management is applied in schools, hospitals and sports venues. As a result of the increasing need for flexibility of working areas, the demand for this module is growing in both the business community as well as in public settings. The system works on the basis of authorizations for authorized users and automatically imports card numbers and their status. Authorized users can choose a locker, use it and make it available for someone else after the use.

Locker management is integrated in iProtect, so that the many advantages of the iProtect software can be utilised. This includes the control from one central point and the easy-to-use interface. But additional burglary protection is also guaranteed by way of the integrated alarm functionality.

  • Hospitality towards patient and visitors
  • Handle-free “touch to open” doors for optimum safety
  • Keys are unnecessary (no more costs for replacing keys and locks)
  • Use in combination with Multi user patient card

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